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Geometry of the golden section

Robert Vincent

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Encouraged by the success of the french original, this revised and extended english edition of the beautifully illustrated book presents the fundamental concepts of artwork and geometric design. It reveals the secrets of how readers from various fields and with different backgrounds apply these concepts and thus create beautiful harmonies. Without requiring any mathematics knowledge, only with a ruler and a pair of compasses, the author Robert Vincent illustrates how divine proportions emerge from a magic number, called the Golden Section (PHI).

The book contains more than 100 geometric layouts, many of them taken from historic monuments, each with easily followed step-by-step instructions how to recreate them. It supports architects, artists, and designers in creating objects which are esthetically attractive, because they are based on natural harmonies. Kept secret to outsiders by the masters, throughout the ages the design fundamentals remained absolutely identical.

In the preface Albert LeCoff, director of the Wood Turning Center, an artists' association whose members create harmonious artwork, illustrates how geometry establishes a universal and timeless relation between the present and the past. Sparking the imagination, the reader easily enters into fields of science by passing through the doorway of geometry. Those who appreciate the true essence of geometry, the beauty of pattern, sacred art, symbolic figures and outlines will love this book.

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